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Animated Sheet Music

Something so satisfying about it? Reading music, good for everyone....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Old band flyer...

This makes me laugh. A flyer for my old band The Chickletts, must've been around 1998. I remember the Indian guy at the copy place point and say "Monty Python." Yep! I scanned it from a Dada art book I was carrying around and put the logo on top. Ha.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Girls Who Rock Coloring Book Pt 2

Last year I purchased the Women Who Rock Coloring Book part I for my studio waiting room. What a fun read! This is the next one in my Etsy Cart. A great gift....


Rediscovering the Electronic Music Godmothers

Great article on Laurie Spiegel's new anthology of work from 73 - 77.

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Pink Veins tonight live on WFMU

Teen band "Pink Veins" will be live on Minor Music on WFMU, a show hosted by Jesse Krakow, tonight Monday the 12th! They'll be playing original songs and you'll hear a few I recorded at my Pencil Factory studio. Lucie and Webb, the guitar/bass/vocalists, have been students with me since they were 10 years old. Here they are all 16 (!!!) and performing originals live. Very excited for this talented trio. Breakout star Larissa on drums.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane and more.

Its been awhile since I've written anything here, and am thankful that I have nothing newsworthy to report since my apartment and studio were undamaged during the storm last week. The difficult times around us in NYC are hard on the heart, but nothing compassion and a lot of hard work can't get us through. If your gear was damaged, please check with MAIN DRAG MUSIC. They're offering assistance with amp drying and other musical instrument repair: MAIN DRAG .

My bandmates and I in The Julie Ruin have chosen these Hurricane Disaster Relief funds to promote. If you're looking for somewhere to donate, please take a look at our short list: There are so many more out there.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bass Instruction

Althea & Donna

Going through a pre-Clash reggae stage this year. I LOVE these girls....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink Veins

Check out PINK VEINS, the teenage all girl trio that I've been producing,  HERE!

They will be on WFMU's Minor Music on November 12th.

Pink Veins are Lucie (age 16) guitar/bass/vox, Webb (age 16) guitar/bass/vox, and Larissa (age 18) drums/vox.

Electronic Music



FLAVORWIRE: 10 Female Electronic Music Pioneers You Must Know

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tender Trap

Thanks K & K for introducing me to this band yesterday in the studio. More TENDER TRAP!

From the new Album 2012

Blood Red Shoes

Guitarist of the day - Laura May Carter of Blood Red Shoes (uk). The videos I've found just don't capture what a solid guitarist she is live. Check them out on tour if you can, its worth seeing her play.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Two of my students! I have to show them off....

Webb (guitar) and Lucie (drums) playing at the Willie Mae Rock camp show last weekend. Sophie from Care Bears on Fire on bass. Yes! All ages 15-16.

Drummer STEALS the Show! A MUST SEE...

This changed my life. Seriously, I'll never be the same again. A hero. Scroll to 1:15 or so...

"The Perks of Being a Musician: Brain Function and Music Education"

A Great Read and more from THIS WEBSITE

The Mozart Effect: The Brain and Music
The Mozart Effect was an early discovery in the relationship between music and brain function. The name came from the way the experiment was conducted: participants listened to Mozart before taking different tests. Studies found that participants performed better on tests of spatial ability, processing speed, and creativity after listening to Mozart and other music than participants who sat in silence or followed relaxation instructions.
This experiment is obviously a superficial application of music compared to music lessons. When studying music, one does much more than passively listening; one engages with the music in an analytic fashion. The example of the Mozart Effect serves simply to illustrate the way that music can stimulate the brain.
Students of  Music are Smarter and More Talented? The Research Says “Yes”
Extensive research has now revealed the numerous advantages that those who have studied music hold over those who have not.
Some areas that favor people who have taken music lessons:
  • Ability to detect speech in noise
  • Being a “team player”
  • General intelligence (on IQ and other intelligence tests)
  • Grades in school (correlated even to high school GPA (take note, parents!))
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Language memory (remembering prose or lists of words)
  • Linguistic comprehension including processing of second or foreign languages
  • Math ability
  • Phonological awareness (detection of pitch)
  • Reaction time
  • Reading comprehension
  • Self-esteem
  • Short-term memory
  • Sociability
  • Visual memory
  • Vocabulary
  • Working memory

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lucinda Williams at Bowery Ballroom 8-6-12

Yep, I was lucky enough to get the setlist. Encore songs included the Woody Guthrie cover "Ain't Got No Home," a political song as relevant today as it was when it was originally written, and Bruce Springsteen's "Factory." This was one of those moments where you're just so thankful to be there.

Lucinda Williams had Doug Pettibone on lead guitar. (Also worked with Marianne Faithfull, etc)
Here's his pedal board along with opening act Amy Cook's.

See the TAB along the side for more pedal board pictures from various bands.

Care Bears on Fire song on True Blood last night

Care Bears on Fire! These fierce gals played with us (The Julie Ruin) at the Knitting Factory show 2010. I met the singer when she was...uh, like 5. She must be 15 now. Anyway these girls are something to see. And nice to hear this song at the end of the latest episode of True Blood. In fact it was being played IN the episode as Eric the Vampire was being handcuffed. Sorry for the spoiler, TB camp fans.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I made a skirt today with a SPEAKER PATTERN fabric!


A closer look. I love the orange zipper, which I had and miraculously matched, and which set off the whole idea for the project. 

  I can't believe I found this fabric. It was designed on

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My current end of the night 12 Artist Playlist

1- Dirtbombs - "Bug in the Bassbin"
2- Josie Cotten - "Johnny Are You Queer?"
3- The Cookies - "Chains"
4- Modern Lovers -  "Astral Plane"
5- Suede - "W.S.D."
6- Sister Nancy - "Bam Bam"
7- Elton Motello - "Jet Boy Jet Girl"
8- Men - "Credit Card Babies"
9- Wire - "Mannequin"
10- A Flock of Seagulls - "I Ran"
11- Lydia Lunch - "Atomic Bongos"
12- Buzzcocks - "Lipstick"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cable TV review

"Girls" review: just skip it and watch "VEEP" on HBO instead.  Its actually goddam funny and Buster from Arrested Development stars in it! 

I wanted to think "Girls" was funny. I tried. I also didn't make this poster, just sharing.


Reference of Female Fronted Punk, revisted

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I made a Tote with this vinyl record pattern fabric

First attempt at making a TOTE that can carry a few pedals and my guitar cables. Working on creating a solid, sturdy inside panel with pockets that hold a smaller version of my pedal board.  I need it to be light enough to lug around on subways. I picked out the vinyl record pattern fabric on Spoonflower and sewed it on both sides. Ended up liking it so much I'm using it as a purse. In the works.