Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All girls and women should see this Video

This is amazing. I'm so impressed by this brand for making such an educational video.

GUITAR GEAR is Fun to Look At

As a part time bartender at a music venue, I don't have much extra learning going on - pouring liquids into cups is fairly easy at this point (and age) and there's only so much creativity and skill that goes with it. So before I cash out on that moonlighting extra money, I decided to learn something at this job about the one thing I soak in and am dying to master: GUITAR PEDALS & GEAR. I should have thought of taking photos of this stuff YEARS AGO. I think these images are BEAUTIFUL!

Here's some of the set ups of Hope Sandoval, members of My Bloody Valentine gear, The Raveonettes, The Black Angels and more. I can't tell you who's who or people won't like it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Texas Monthly Magazine" review of the Girls Rock Camp Austin. OCTOBER 2009.

I got a little quote in
the article....


Every day at rock camp had a schedule: assembly in the morning, then instrument instruction, workshops, and band rehearsal. Another of the coaches, Sara Landeau, a guitar teacher from Brooklyn who helps run the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls there, told me that she has taught classes of girls and classes of girls and boys. “When boys are in the group, they won’t stop playing, and they’re very loud. Girls won’t take solos—they won’t play in front of the boys. But if it’s all girls, they’ll play.”
Read the WHOLE article..... TEXAS MONTHLY October 2009 review:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Record Year for Female Nobel Laureates

2009 is the record year for female Nobel Prize winners.

And click HERE for a list of all the female Nobel Laureates in history. Only one woman, Marie Curie, has won twice. So far in history no women have won a Nobel prize for Economics, but that category was not created until 1969.

I have mixed thoughts on the nomination process....

* * * * Since I posted this entry about the Nobel Prize winners, Elinor Ostrom (76) became the first woman to win a Nobel in Economics for her work on the management of common resources.