Friday, February 22, 2013

Lee Fields & the Expressions - go see them live.

Saw Lee Fields perform the other night. This song stood out to me. He sings about all the kinds of ladies he likes.."big ones, small ones, tall ones, white ones, black ones...." Whoa, love him.

The Julie Ruin mastering

Last week we mastered 10 songs at the famous Lodge Mastering in NYC, run by the award winning  mastering engineer and all around amazing business woman/music maker Emily Lazaar. 

 This is the turtle at the studio.

Subway reading on the way there. Who says you can't be both the type of person who reads Tape Op back to back every issue and also likes vintage inspired houndstooth jackets from JCrew? (Which are infinitely cheaper second hand...)

Recording 16 year old punk duet Petal War

Petal War are Abbie Hornburg on drums and Alex Ruiz on guitar/vocals. Check out Petal War's songs and site here.

Getting Alex all tuned up!

Abbie's view from the drums.

Isolation area for the Fender Twin Amp. Very DIY of us..

The new mixing board. We all referred to it as "sexy."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"A Date With John Waters" Valentine Compilation

Ahhh...from that very first note I'm in love...thank you John Waters. From 2007. Listen to some of it HERE on NPR.