Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Dog Costumes

Guitar Lessons

Here's a new lesson on triads. I call these Mini Triads because they are only 3 strings in size. Be sure to mute/not hit the lowest strings (E, A, D) for these. Triads can be played on all strings, are moveable up and down the neck, and are interchangeable. For these particular Mini Triads, we're just focusing on the high strings to create that strong dazzling Johnny Marr sound.

Now, can't give away his magic too much, but if you form the first shape, start up high on fret 9 and slide back and forth to fret 7, then 11, you'll start to hear it. You'll need to arpeggiate the chords. Whats that? Arpeggiate is when you hit ONE string at a time, sort of rake through the strings so each note rings out independently before hitting the next note. A chord sounds like all the notes are hit at once. Of course this is an electric guitar with the treble turned up....some reverb...

Favorite Guitarists series

I don't want this song to end. Link Wray is 1st of my "Favorite Guitarist series". No particular order, you just can't number things that way.

This version of Hidden Charms may be the reason I decided to stop playing 3 chords and become a better guitarist. I first got a hold of this when I was 19.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laying down backing tracks

With the amazing Kathi Wilcox.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Pic

Makeup and photo by the incredibly skillful Rose Devitt! See her work as it goes up here:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First official band photo!

the julie Ruin First official band photo!

Photographer: Aliya Naumoff
Makeup: Kristin Hilton
Hair: Jennifer Brent

With Carmine Covelli, me, Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, and Kenny Mellman

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sara's Guitar Lessons HERE

I should've done this ages ago. Weekly guitar lessons will be posted here. Requests welcomed. A few new students have asked about these chords lately so lets do that first.

Question: What is a power chord?

* the little number on the side of each chart tells you the fret #.

Answer: A power chord, also called a "5" chord by people who follow music theory, is a 2 or 3 stringed chord shape based on only 2 notes: the root note (a.k.a. the NAME of the chord, like A, C, D, F etc.) and the 5th note of that scale.

This is a neutral chord, not major or minor (so thus not bright or dark in nature), but full and...with a little help from heavy hitting or a pedal..."powerful." These chords can be played over almost song and are a good thing to know when playing with others. Sliding these smoothly from fret to fret is the GOAL. Add some chunky down strums. Just be careful not to hit the thin highest strings (marked with little x's on these charts.) Aim for good tone.

BE SURE to use your Index finger and your Ring (3rd) finger. If you are flipping off the audience, you are holding your chord correctly here. Yes.

* * *Next week I'll be posting The Smith's "This Charming Man" guitar solo, by Johnny Marr. I heard it today during breakfast (at B.A.D. Diner), remember teaching it to a handful of students, and thought it'd make a great practice song for all levels of players. In the works...

Nice Guitar Solo

Scroll to 2:39 to hear the lead girl guitarist's solo! Great job! (Not Metallica's best era or album, but still...)