Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sara's Guitar Lessons HERE

I should've done this ages ago. Weekly guitar lessons will be posted here. Requests welcomed. A few new students have asked about these chords lately so lets do that first.

Question: What is a power chord?

* the little number on the side of each chart tells you the fret #.

Answer: A power chord, also called a "5" chord by people who follow music theory, is a 2 or 3 stringed chord shape based on only 2 notes: the root note (a.k.a. the NAME of the chord, like A, C, D, F etc.) and the 5th note of that scale.

This is a neutral chord, not major or minor (so thus not bright or dark in nature), but full and...with a little help from heavy hitting or a pedal..."powerful." These chords can be played over almost song and are a good thing to know when playing with others. Sliding these smoothly from fret to fret is the GOAL. Add some chunky down strums. Just be careful not to hit the thin highest strings (marked with little x's on these charts.) Aim for good tone.

BE SURE to use your Index finger and your Ring (3rd) finger. If you are flipping off the audience, you are holding your chord correctly here. Yes.

* * *Next week I'll be posting The Smith's "This Charming Man" guitar solo, by Johnny Marr. I heard it today during breakfast (at B.A.D. Diner), remember teaching it to a handful of students, and thought it'd make a great practice song for all levels of players. In the works...

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