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Charo (born 1951) is an actress, comedienne, and flamenco guitarist. She studied classical and flamenco guitar with master guitarist Andres Segovia. This is the original "shredding" style of music. Many people just know her as the flamboyant 70's star, frequently showing up on Fantasy Island or Loveboat. Check out her video...SO good.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bow Wow Wow

Aphrodisiac by Bow Wow Wow. For NBSF! I just love the guitar tones in the song. Everything about this song is great..


Lead singer and animal rights activist Wendy O Williams.
Plasmatics first EP. Download it here!

Thanks No Beast So Fierce!

Little Nell

Here's a completely different "Nell" than the previous post. She is an Australian singer and over-the-top performer. This album is from 1977.

And the song from the album! Do it! Don't be shy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nellie Bly - 10 Important Women in History #3

Nellie Bly (1864-1922) is a fascinating women who I'm ashamed to say I knew nothing about before this week. She was an investigative journalist who wrote on controversial issues such as the plight of immigrants, women, and factory workers. She went undercover as a patient in a mental institution on Blackwell Island for 10 days, and returned to write her shocking piece chronicling the experience, which inspired reforms in New York's mental institutions. I chose her as #3 in my list of 10 Women in History Illustrated.

She was born Elizabeth Jane Cochrane but chose the new pen name based on a Stephen Foster song. She went to boarding school for only one semester and dropped out due to lack of funds. After moving to New York, she wrote for several publications and became a well known reporter. In 1889, Bly made her famous record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days, challenging the fictional hero of Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days."

Her books and articles include "Around the World in 72 Days," "Ten Days in a Mad House," "Working Girls Beware," "Are You An Anarchist?" and many more which can all be downloaded here

Illustration by me. #3 colored pencil

(The list of Women in History is in no special order. It is about whoever is inspiring me this week. Also I'm behind in my goal of finishing all these illustrations by January 1st, due to being so busy last fall. I hope to do one per week from here on out in hopes of seeing drawing improvement and to get my skills up to par! )

Gladys Horton, lead singer of The Marvelettes RIP 1944-2011

Bands like this pioneered the Motown girl-group era. This song will always remind me of being a young teen addicted to the Oldies radio station, back before ipods or Sirius radio, when driving in the car through Wisconsin meant only a choice of three tolerable stations (oldies, classic rock, or current metal). The Oldies DJ had specific tunes in rotation and I remember them all....maybe thousands of songs, all under 3 minutes long! I was a sponge for this style. The Marvelettes and Gladys Horton, lead singer in the early years, exemplifies fun and strength at the same time, something I've always aimed for in my bands (including my old all girl band appropriately titled "The Chicklettes").

Gladys Horton's pure Motown voice still gives me shivers! No bells or whistles, just strong singing. Amen.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bauhaus Inspired Dress Made From Rubber Bands

NYC architect Margarita Mileva's Bauhaus inspired dress made from thousands of rubber bands originally designed for "Wear is Art" competition in Berlin. More info and pics here!

Wanda Jackson at Musichall of Williamsburg Jan 21st!

Wanda Jackson. Gorgeous woman. Perfect voice!

One of Jack White's guitars.

Jack's pedal board.

Jack's pedalboard again with amp!

Another show, the week before. Here's Luke's pedalboard from the band The Devil's Broadcast.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Put a bird on a bird...

First full episode of Portlandia airs tonight.

4 Highly Recommended Documentaries I watched this week

"Until the Light Takes Us": is a documentary about the Norwegian black metal subculture of the 1990's famous for church arsons and with-in band murders. If you don't know the stories, this documentary is for you. Also features Varg "Count Grishnack" Vikernes interviews from jail where he has a 21 year sentence for killing the singer of another band (when he was merely a baby-faced 19 year old). There's some shocking album art and coverage of the eventual exploitation and mockery of a music scene. But Fenriz, from the clip below, steels the show and my heart. (on NETFLIX)

"Exit Through the Gift Shop, a Banksy Film": The public STILL doesn't know who Banksy is. Could we all love this guy more? But this story is not centered around our favorite modern artist. Banksy follows the filmmaker Thierry Guetta through a series of steps that bring him from L.A. trendy thrift store owner to self made millionaire copy-cat artist. We get a nice dose of Shepard Fairey and Space Invader who's aesthetic and passion is inspiring...long after the film ends. But Banksy's fine art drawing talent and applications still make me gasp. Anyway, this film is not what you think it will be about, but I believe the end brings up the greatest question the modern art world has to offer.

"Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why is Everyone Talking About Him?)": is a documentary about the 1960's/ 70's songwriter/singer Harry Nilsson. Undeniably artistic, self-abusive, and witty, Nilsson inspired the Beatles songwriting and more. He wrote great pop songs for the Monkees, films, television shows, cartoons, and others. I learned that his biggest hit "Everybody's Talkin'" from the movie Midnight Cowboy isn't actually written by him, just sung by him! Huh... Also learned that the song "One (is the Lonliest Number)" took its pulsating rhythm from the sad busy signal of a phone's dial tone. The songs are beautifully crafted but left me with mixed childhood memories and feeling desperate for a laugh. But probably worth watching for every musician and music fan. Here's a clip from the beginning of Midnight Cowboy. Look how much Jon Voight looks like his daughter Angelina Jolie!!!!!

"Joan Rivers, A Piece of Work": is a documentary about Joan Rivers, now 75 years old! This film touches on pieces throughout her long career to the present day, when her career couldn't be higher. I LOVE JOAN. She is The GODMOTHER of all female entertainers, truly. I think I'm too gurgling over in passion to review this film or come up with riveting words. TWO clips of the darkly humored and way-ahead-of- her- time Joan.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New coffee mug from student Glitch! Thank you!

Ari Up Punk Reggae Birthday Party at Musichall of Williamsburg

Last Sunday January 16th at Musichall of Williamsburg was a party in the memory of Ari Up, lead singer of pioneering girl punk band The Slits. I couldn't get over how much the songs sounded like the originals, and with just as much energy, but in a great sounding live room - huge warm chords were hitting the walls and echoing back like a true reggae punk beat should. (versus low-fi original recordings). Great sound, stylish crowd, excellent rhythms. Where else are men going out and ordering drinks in their Vivienne Westwood sweaters? Love it. Also, glancing over the guest list was like a Girls Rock Camp who's-who of women in rock: "Palmolive +2....etc."

From Musichall's website: WHO: Participating artists include original and current members of the Slits, including Tessa Pollitt, Hollie Cook, Neneh Cherry and Anna Ozawa; Bruce Smith of PiL and the Slits; members of the Slackers, Brave New Girl, and Band Droidz; legendary Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas, Afro-Punk avatar Tamar-Kali, King Django, Honeychild Coleman, Barbara Gogan, Sherelene Nubro, Lisa Samuels and many luminaries from the punk and reggae worlds backed by the True Warriors performing classic Slits hits and dancehall originals by Ari Up.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ladies Rock Camp, February 2011 weekend

Ladies Rock Camp at Willie Mae -2011 Winter Edition

Open to all women ages 19+, Ladies Rock Camp features instrument lessons, songwriting, band practice, live performances, and workshops, all culminating in a showcase at a cool music venue…plus hot chocolate karaoke parties. Ladies Rock Camp will take place Presidents’ Day weekend (February 19 -21, 2011) at Willie Mae Music Lab in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. NYC

I'll be teaching guitar and band coaching. Here's a direct link:

First hand experience from Elle Magazine writer:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Amps from two of my favorite guitarists

Billy Zoom's amp. No volume knob....

Monotonix' guitarist Yonatan Gat's amps.

The Julie Ruin

This is a new song from our up and coming album. This particular song is about celebrating the little things in life. We've been listed in Flavorwire's 30 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pedal Board gallery

Be sure to check out all the past photos of pedal boards. I've been a bit behind but here's a couple more. Liz Phair's guitarist, Chris Brokaw, "Jimmy Page" from Lez Zeppelin, and some jam band.