Friday, January 28, 2011

Gladys Horton, lead singer of The Marvelettes RIP 1944-2011

Bands like this pioneered the Motown girl-group era. This song will always remind me of being a young teen addicted to the Oldies radio station, back before ipods or Sirius radio, when driving in the car through Wisconsin meant only a choice of three tolerable stations (oldies, classic rock, or current metal). The Oldies DJ had specific tunes in rotation and I remember them all....maybe thousands of songs, all under 3 minutes long! I was a sponge for this style. The Marvelettes and Gladys Horton, lead singer in the early years, exemplifies fun and strength at the same time, something I've always aimed for in my bands (including my old all girl band appropriately titled "The Chicklettes").

Gladys Horton's pure Motown voice still gives me shivers! No bells or whistles, just strong singing. Amen.

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