Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Film with my band from the 90's "The CHICKLETTS"

The Chickletts, 10 years later, just filmed follow up interviews to the short film "Fireflies" (from 1999) in which we were one of 3 all female bands interviewed and studied.

Our song in the old film is "Hush". Other songs we did are "I Need A Man", "Psycho" by the Sonics, "Leave My Kitten Alone", "Peroxide" and more girls-in-the-garage type songs. I hope to put together a compilation and old pics up online again soon.

We were lucky enough to play with some of our favorite bands in NYC in the 90's including the infamous Andre Williams, Norton Record acts, and whoever was plowing thru CBGB's in those years...

The new film should be out next year.

For Katarina's blog, the original filmmaker:

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