Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moving Design of the Week...

A New World of Understanding 1982, Jessie Levine
* Please take a moment to look CLOSELY...

By changing our ACCEPTED METHOD OF PRESENTATION, we can ALTER OUR UNDERSTANDING of relationships and values.

(What it says in the box..): Ever since maps were drawn, certain countries have been located at the top, others below. Since "on top," "over," and "above" are equated with superiority, while "down there," "beneath," and "below" imply the reverse, those wholly arbitrary placements, over the years, have led to misconceptions and misjudgments.

This Turnabout Map of the Americas serves to correct the imbalance. It focuses attention in new directions towards areas of exploding populations, energies, and potentialities. It is geographically CORRECT, only the PERCEPTIVE has changed.

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