Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Women in History. By December 31st.

As a challenge to learn more about women in history, and in the process work on my illustration skills, I've decided to put up on my blog 10 women in history I've heard of but no very little about over the course of the rest of 2010. There will be a small explanation of what the particular woman has done, and a sketch by me that I'll spend only 1/2hour or so on. My drawing skills are extremely rusty. I look forward to this challenge and plan to find diverse interesting women in history in the process!


(drawing by me taken from her mugshots)

Emma Goldman was born in 1869 in Russia. She emigrated to the U.S. at age 17 and became a writer, revolutionary, and leading figure in the anarchist movement. She was imprisoned several times for inciting riots, distributing birth control literature, and for being associated with anarchists in a plot to kill President McKinley (she was released on the last one for lack of evidence). She believed drastic and sometimes violent actions were necessary, although distasteful, for the sake of revolution. She was vociferous in her campaign to advocate freedom of expression, equality and independence for women, education, union organization, and worker's rights.

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