Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Westminster Dog Show 2011

The Westminster Dog Show 2011 was set up a bit different this year. Because of construction at Madison Square Garden, the groomers were mixed in with the boarding area so things were a little doubled up. This winning dog makes a nice desk!

This Mastiff was really a Mastiffasaurus Rex.

Look at that face! Pampered their whole lives and these dogs still don't have "attitude".

Clown/Mardi Gras scarf. I was afraid to get closer to this one.

In the end, they were all just playful doggies!

Black Russian Terrier! The nice owner gave me a treat to give to this sweet dog but I couldn't find his mouth under all that hair.

This Bernese Mountain Dog was well over 130 lbs and playful like a little bear cub.

Wise beard and mustache.
Beauty and Brains.

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