Monday, September 5, 2011

Women in History Illustrated

RUTH GRUBER (1911-_) From Brooklyn, Ruth Gruber was an international correspondent, photojournalist, and writer. In 1931, she was the youngest person to receive a doctorate degree. In 1935, she wrote a series for the New York Herald Tribune about women under fascism and communism. During World War II, she was sent on a special mission to bring refugees and wounded American soldiers from Italy back to the US. She has written dozens of books based on her work in the Soviet Union, Israel, Palestine, and more, and documented these missions with photographs now up at the ICP in NY. A documentary about Ruth Gruber called "Ahead of Time" was released this year. I did the drawing in pen based on a passport photo of her from JAN 31, 1946.

Photos by Ruth Gruber

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