Friday, January 25, 2013

Los Angeles January 2013

Photos I took from my LA vacation in January. 

 Having a homemade popsicle at Suck It with Lisa's one-eyed dog Stitch.

Breakfast locale was based on who had the cutest logo. Senor Fish (awesome logo) or Los Burritos with the little happy Mexican donkey heads?!!

Art Museum (above) entrance.

L. Ron Hubbard everywhere.

Lisa's one-eyed dog Stitch and her seafoam Danelectro.

More art museum pieces.

A cool child's game in the museum's courtyard.

Paul K's house where I stayed and did cat sitting. Cat above!

Bedroom, another (live) cat sitting on a ledge. Hard to photograph... And may make more sense when you see his BOOK!

 Dire Wolf skull wall at the La Brea Tar Pits.

 Close up of the Dire Wolf skulls. I didn't know they really existed previously to this!

Dire Wolf on a stick photobombed the next 20 photos. Couldn't resist. And maybe it was funnier at the time?

Dire Wolf leaving Amoeba Records. Awww...

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