Thursday, June 19, 2014

She Shreds Show

See more pictures from the She Shreds show at Shea Stadium (say that fast twice...?) featuring Sharkmuffin, Bluffin, and Slothrust

Sharkmuffin, psych trio with a perfect band name


Slothrust, I liked and was intrigued by her stage demeanor. Like no apparent performance fright, at all. Apathetic rock. I want to play with her again.

 "White Mice" the band we formed and played with only 2 rehearsals, featuring Modettes and Kleenex songs. I made the dress for the show but forgot to do something with my mop of hair.

 I think we're still discussing how the song goes here. Haha. What ARE those Germanic lyrics?

Fun times. These songs were more complex than we thought. An era in British postpunk 1979-80 when the bass was the dominant instrument, mixed with staccato mini guitar chords (VERY Gang of Four) and up strums as accents. Now throw in odd time signatures.

Right off stage we're cracking up and sweaty. Marian from La Luz, one of my new all time favorite drummers blew us away. I had no idea how great she was. Her tone was incredible too. The killer bassist of the night Kathi Wilcox also from our band The Julie Ruin (how many octave jumps are there in the song "White Mice" anyway?) And the star of the show is really Fabi on the right, editor or She Shreds Magazine, young prodigy and guitar enthusiast who brought all the bands and women together.

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