Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mr So & So by The Julie Ruin

Since my last post in June 2016, the band has done some extensive touring for our new album "Hit Reset" out of Hardly Art (Sub Pop). I've also dove into a MFA program in Sonic Arts this past fall, occupying every moment not touring with studying audio engineering, sound design, mixing, mastering, and composition for film and video. On top of this I still love meeting with my guitar, bass, and drum students every week and consistently write for a a few different sources: She Shreds Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, and a near weekly column for Adorama's audio department.

I'm feeling fortunate to work so much - is work the antidote to sorrow? Maybe so, when times feel uncertain and the people around you are shook up. Anyway, here's a fun song from our new album. And I hope to be posting more again as things are getting slightly more routine! Thanks for stopping back...

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