Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last days of CBGB's

Been thinking lately about the last days of CBGB's..... So here's some pics for nostalgia sake. I have SO many more, including images of the MOB of people staring in at me on the last night before the doors opened and Patti Smith played.... I can't believe I was the SAME person as when I worked there/made it our stomping ground! So much has changed since then... I often hear the phrase "people don't change" and I have to disagree. Some people change slower than others, and in different ways, thats all.... The closing of this place was a SAD but inevitable change that influenced a lot of people in different ways. We tried to keep it as a museum as it should have been. Instead there are just pictures and memories.... Anyway, I heart Cb's!

When the place got emptied out at the end, the mural behind the second bar appeared again. Here it is... wow...! It was always SOOO dark behind the bar, we never knew what this painting was. That and the fact that boxes of beer endlessly piled the floor in front of it, up to the ceiling. Only on a SUPER busy night when the boxes starting coming down as we ran through beer could we see our old friend here peeking through...that comforting drunken expression....: -)

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