Thursday, February 18, 2010

Turtles, Tanks, and Teeth...

Took a break from band-coaching the FIERCE teen-band THE AWKWARD TURTLES last week, cause' I was feeling a lil' queasy, and went to rest next to a lil' friend here in the school's science room. Nothing says "your school's science room" like a gurgling fish tank, a hamster that bites, and the smell of the heat-lamped lizard cage. Aww...

But all the while "resting" I hear drums POUNDING, distorted guitars, and screaming "giggles of chaos" ("G.O.C."?) from the girls' practice room while they played rocknroll cover-snippets at full volume during their lil' break.

To hear original songs from this inimitable and awesome teen girl band, simply click here: THE AWKWARD TURTLES

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