Monday, April 2, 2012

Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show

Yes! A guitar show and there will be girl power! Wait WHAT? No girl power like the flyer indicates, but thats okay, there were plenty of interesting guitars, basses, gear, pedals, and knick knacks to look at. Plenty of guys with grey feathered hair and red eyes, Dave Mustaine dopple-gangers galore, and one severe dead ringer for a shaggy late Harry Nilsson (who played guitar the entire time through a pedal that turned it into the sound of a sitar...YEP). Unfortunately the lighting at Brooklyn Bowl was terrible so almost no pictures turned out. The stand owners whole heartedly shook hands with my guy friend and starved me off without a glance. Then jerked their heads suspiciously when I spoke up. I learned how to put a Bigsby bridge on an arch top Les Paul (look-out) and took a card from someone who makes custom pick guards in Mod/art deco angles (look-out again, I'm about to transform another guitar). My favorite stand was Ritchie from the East Village because he was humble, had a warm smile and amused sparkle behind those thick glasses, or so it seemed (like I said the lighting was bad and there were many red eyes). BUT his prices were the best because, I'd like to believe, he's just that cool. Here's some pieces my friend Josh bought from his stand - 5 for 20$! Bridges, pickups, etc...

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