Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm in this Gallery Show in SOHO

Here's the "aftermath" of me playing drum fills on a kit with 10 dozen roses at the GREY AREA ART GALLERY in SOHO Nyc, yesterday, Saturday the 28th. Waiting to see the video and final pictures. Apparently this is a moving series, and people like Moby's drummer did it in SF, other drummers took over in different cities. It was like drumming under water! As soon as the roses hit the drum heads they split and flew up in the air, or just flopped out of control. Sometimes I'd get a few good fills before I found stems left in my hands (or nothing). The goal was to create an explosion of rose petal fire works which happened a few times with the requisite "Ahhhhh" from the crowd. I want to do this again. The remains stay at the Grey Area Gallery until the end of the month. See Ted's art here.

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