Monday, May 14, 2012

Island inspiration

Some people seemed happy and others looked like they felt sorry for me when I told them I took in all the coins saved from the past year and bought 2 tickets to San Juan with 3 nights in a rainforest hotel. I saw this little friend above on the hotel grounds, the side that faces the ocean. (!!)

 Blue cobblestone streets with rainforest moss.

 Spanish architecture in seafoam blue and other bright colors.

 Reading a book from one of my role models about his role models on the airplane.

Airplane screen on the seat in front of us while going over the Atlantic. Notice Motley Crue came up  on Sirius Jetblue radio.

 17th Century graveyard by the sea. Could it get any more religious?

 15th-17th century ocean wall fortresses.

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  1. The lizard we named MOFONGO!! THE MIGHTY MOFONGO!!!!