Friday, May 25, 2012

Spin's updated 100 Best Guitarists List

Click HERE to see Spin Magazine's 100 Best Guitarist List. Yes, its a list made by a few guys in an office, and man, the comments on their site in reaction are brutal! Apparently a very sensitive, important subject  - always relative to the listener's past and tastes, and always up for debate. BUT I think this is a good list, updated finally to whats popular in this futuristic year of 2012, and all of the guitarists/bands on the list deserve a listen-to. And I'm BEYOND THRILLED to see that they've avoided the usual Jimmy Hendrix, Randy Rhoades, fricken Bucket-head....etc

1 comment:

  1. please stop saying bad things about buckethead.
    He is really a great guy. He helped me with jumper cables once and paid my rent for me after I gave him an hour long BJ. The guy is classy and nice.