Monday, September 23, 2013

Dirtbombs and Ko Melina

Guitarist inspiration of the week for me: Ko Melina. Baritone Fuzz, Bass, and also a DJ. Plays with The Dirtbombs and also Ko & the Knockouts.

Gotta love The Dirtbombs. Read a good review and listen to samples from their new album HERE.

 Ko Melina and The Dirtbombs

"Party Store." The album from The Dirtbombs I can't get enough of. One of my favorite albums currently.

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  1. Nice post! Mick Collins was one of my first interviews ever for L.A. RECORD, and even then, the Dirtbombs were already working on the bubblegum album--that vat of candy was definitely slow-cooked! He was really nice to me, even though my insights were mostly things like "holy crap that sounds awesome!" Wish I could have interviewed Ko Melina...